Ghost Pepper Brine Recipe

You will need
3 ghost peppers chopped or minced
5lbs chicken legs
11/2 cups Kosher salt Coarse
Approximately 1/2 gallon water
Large Mixing Bowl 6 at or larger
2 2gallon Ziploc bags or use the mixing bowl
If baking in the oven and not smoking add 1tsp liquid smoke and use a turkey bag to help contain the Smokey door and burning a candle in the kitchen helps too.
Mix the salt in the water and whisk for a minute
Add minced peppers and whisk. Now if you have plenty of room in the fridge, use the mixing bowl and add the chip legs cover let marinate 12 to 24 hours prior to cooking. Or place 1 two gallon bag inside a Dutch oven to help reduce spilling and pour liquid slowly. Add chix legs and seal the bag squeezing out excess air as you do so. Place first bag inside the second with the top or zipper along one of the sides of the second bag. This help reduce the first bad from popping open in the fridge and cleanup. Experience.
I smoke my chicken at 220 to 240 for 3 hours, but every grandmaster has their own method. At two hours I turn and baste in a sweet tangy sauce. Close up the smoker, set the table, ice the barley pop and the wait is worth the effort. I guess you could say I am a leg man. This chicken does not have teeth, but it does have Bite.

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